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Daily Life Routine of Sam Altman

After a turbulent period of management shifts at the firm pushed him further into the spotlight, Sam Altman returned to his job as CEO of OpenAI. Altman, 38, is extremely careful about many things, including his meeting schedule, sleep, food, and so on. Here’s a glance at his typical day. Today we are going to talk about the the daily routine of Sam Altman.

Outside of the job, however, He is one of many tech executives concerned with extending his life. He has also reportedly stockpiled weapons, gold, and survival supplies in preparation for apocalyptic scenarios (including the possibility of a lethal engineered virus being unleashed, nuclear warfare, and AI strikes). He is careful about many elements of his everyday life and increasing his effectiveness, whether it be sleep, work schedule, or diet.

Here are a few of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s Daily Life.


Altman wrote in 2018 that he drinks a hefty shot of espresso just after waking up but rarely eats breakfast. As a result, he said he fasts for roughly 15 hours most days.
While catching up on emails most mornings, he utilizes a full spectrum LED light for approximately 10 to 15 minutes – a “ridiculous gain” for him.
He also stated that he avoids booking early meetings because that is when he is most effective.

Working days:

Altman prefers to schedule his meetings in the afternoon, but he has an unusual approach to making time for them.
“I find most meetings are best scheduled for 15-20 minutes or 2 hours,” he stated in a blog post. “The default of 1 hour is usually wrong and leads to a lot of wasted time.”

But, in general, he avoids meetings for as long as possible, preferring to work at his office.
“90% of the random meetings I take are a waste of time,” Altman said, adding that “the other 10% really make up for it.”

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman

Instead, he prioritizes scheduling time to “allow for chance encounters and exposure to new people and ideas,” as well as to consider what to focus on.
Altman organizes his life with lists but prefers to compose them on paper instead of digitally.

keep track of “what I want to accomplish each year, month, and day,” according to his blog. “Lists are very focusing, and they help me with multitasking because I don’t have to keep as much in my head. If I’m not in the mood for one work, I can always find something else that interests me.” After lunch, he has another shot of espresso.


Despite the coffee, Altman stated that “sleep is one of the most crucial things he requires in order to be productive.” He avoids eating a large meal before going to bed, and avoiding alcohol also helps.

Altman sleeps with a sleep tracker and favors a “cold, dark, quiet room” plus a good mattress. If he doesn’t feel cold enough, he uses a cooling pad and frequently takes a small quantity of sleeping medications or “cannabis” to aid his sleep.


He’s been a vegetarian ever since he was a child and routinely consumes protein shakes to boost his diet – despite the fact that he despises them. He avoids inflammatory meals, such as very spicy dishes or foods that can “aggravate” his digestion, and he also avoids eating too much sugar. Nonetheless, he does not “have much willpower when it comes to sweet things.”
He also claims that quarterly blood tests have helped him complement his diet with a variety of vitamins and that he uses the diabetes medicine metformin to halt the aging process.


Altman, who has tried a range of choices, prefers lifting heavy weights for an hour three times a week and “high-intensity interval training” on occasion. “In addition to productivity gains, this is also the exercise program that makes me feel the best overall.”

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