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5 Best Free Generative AI Courses

Generative AI (GenAI) is a type of artificial intelligence system that creates new content. It can be text, photos, audio, and other forms of material. It is a fast-expanding topic with broad implications in various industries, technology, and other fields beyond. Here are the 5 best free generative AI courses:

1.     Foundations of Prompt Engineering:

You will study the principles, tactics, and best practices for creating effective prompts in this course. This course covers all the basics of prompt engineering before moving on to advanced prompt approaches. Additionally, you will discover strategies to prevent prompt misuse and reduce bias when engaging with FMs.

2.     Introduction of Generative AI:

This introductory microlearning course defines Generative AI, walks students through its applications, and contrasts it with more conventional machine learning techniques. It goes on to talk about how to use Google Tools to build your very own Genrative AI applications.

3.     Fundamentals of Microsoft Azure AI: Generative AI:

Begin your journey with generative AI by following this learning route. It contains:

  • Understand how large language models serve as the foundation for generative AI.
  • Learn how generative AI relies on massive language models.
  • Explain how the Azure OpenAI Service gives you access to cutting-edge generative AI.
  • Learn how copilots and other generative AI applications boost productivity.
  • Explain the process of refining both prompts and responses.
  • Explain how the ideas of responsible AI at Microsoft are influencing the development of more ethical AI.

4.     Introduction to Responsible Artificial Intelligence

Learn the definition of responsible AI, its importance, and how Google incorporates it into its products in this introductory microlearning course.

5.     Generative AI Learning Plan for Decision Makers:

This course aims to familiarize commercial and technical decision-makers with generative AI. This learning plan’s digital training will introduce students to generative AI, walk them through the steps of planning a generative AI project, and teach them how to equip their organization to use generative AI.

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