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All You Need To Know About Spokeo AI Scholarship 2024

Spokeo, a people search engine, was declared the winner of its first “Spokeo AI Scholarship” 2023 in August; it is an initiative designed to assist outstanding students inspired by the potentially transformative aspects of artificial intelligence.

After an extensive assessment procedure, Adrianna Pinzariu, a member of the Jarvis College of Computing and Digital Media at DePaul University and a member of the class of 2025, was selected as the deserving recipient of the $5,000 award.

Adrianna Pinzariu  | Spokeo AI Scholarship winner 2023
Adrianna Pinzariu | Spokeo AI Scholarship winner 2023

Candidate essays were allowed to incorporate AI so long as the prescribed guidelines were strictly adhered to. Spokeo initially employed the ingenious ChatGPT to assess the writings. In addition to this, the winner and the finalists were selected by the judges.

Artificial intelligence, frequently referred to as the technology of the future, has significantly influenced numerous sectors, including banking and healthcare. AI has radically transformed how humans approach complex financial and medical issues.

In light of the immense potential of artificial intelligence and the societal demand for innovation, Spokeo established this scholarship program to aid in the professional development of aspiring AI specialists. Spokeo Artificial Intelligence Scholarship

The Spokeo Artificial Intelligence Scholarship has now announced the relaunch of its scholarship program, which features an all-new essay competition. This is your chance to win $5,000 to assist with the cost of tuition to an American college or university. Applicants should have a strong interest in artificial intelligence and be prepared to compose an essay of 800- to 1,250 words in length. Their objective is to instruct enthusiastic students in the fascinating field of artificial intelligence.

Eligibility Criteria for the Spokeo Artificial Intelligence Scholarship:

To qualify for the Spokeo Artificial Intelligence Scholarship for the academic year 2024-2025, applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

  • The candidate must have obtained an admission offer from one of the recognized universities or colleges in the United States, as the scholarship funds will be transferred directly to the institution.
  • The applicant may be at most eighteen years of age.
  • It is a requirement that the candidate resides in the United States.
  • An essay ranging in length from 800 to 12 to 50 words is required for the application.
  • Each document of the application must be presented in the English language.
  • The candidate is required to submit two letters of recommendation.
  • Neither the candidate nor a member of the employee’s family may be employed by Spokeo.


Entrance requirements for the Spokeo Artificial Intelligence Scholarship span the entire academic discipline.

Prize money:

It is mandatory to be aware of the fact that the essay contest Spokeo Artificial Intelligence is worth $5,000 in scholarship money to the student who wins.


To be considered for the Spokeo Artificial Intelligence Scholarship for the academic year of 2024–2025, applications must be submitted no later than March 29, 2024.

How to Apply:

Compose an essay of 800- to 12-word length with the following topic: “As artificial intelligence becomes more widely accessible, what are the potential ways in which it can be utilized to advance humanity and foster collaboration?” An instance of such a system is ChatGPT. Could the implementation of your ideas impact your personal life, future career, and field? What are the potential risks and drawbacks?

  • Submit your application via email to
  • Ensure that the subject line of the email is “Application for Fall 2024 Scholarship.”
  • Attach a photograph of yourself to the email containing the article you have prepared.
  • Submit at least two letters of recommendation in separate submissions via a Google form.
  • Subsequently, submit your email application.

Who can apply for the Spokeo AI Scholarship?

  • Age requirements for candidates begin at eighteen years.
  • Legal residents must be citizens of the United States.
  • Applying to a college or university in the United States is required.

What is the scholarship-required essay topic?

The essay centers on the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on individuals. Specifically, the benefits and drawbacks of employing AI technologies, like ChatGPT, for the betterment of society.

Are international students eligible to apply for the Spokeo scholarship?

Indeed, on the condition that they satisfy all Spokeo eligibility criteria. Scholarship applicants from the Spokeo organization may be from the United States or any other nation.

As opposed to merely providing financial assistance, the Spokeo Artificial Intelligence Scholarship is an investment in the advancement of AI innovation. The Spokeo Scholarship cultivates a network of brilliant individuals who will have a lasting impact on AI research by furnishing students with the necessary resources to conduct innovative work in the field. The Spokeo Artificial Intelligence Scholarship provides immediate access to AI innovation studies for deserving students. The future trajectory of this field is highly uncertain.

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