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OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman, And US House Speaker, Mike Johnson Discussed the Potential Risks Of AI

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, had a meeting with Mike Johnson, the Republican US House of Representatives Speaker, on Capitol Hill. During their discussion, they talked about the potential risks associated with artificial intelligence, according to the lawmaker’s office and Altman himself.

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The Significance of this Matter:

The Biden administration has been urging lawmakers to address AI regulation, but the divided US Congress, with Republicans in control of the House and Democrats holding a Senate majority, has struggled to make significant progress in enacting effective regulations.

biden administration steps to ai

The emergence of AI has sparked numerous concerns, encompassing the potential for disrupting the democratic process, facilitating fraud, and causing unemployment, among other negative consequences. Lawmakers in Europe are taking the lead in drafting regulations around AI, showcasing their creative approach to governing this emerging technology.

Highlighted Quotes:

They met on Thursday “to discuss the promise and risks of AI and other technologies. The Speaker believes that Congress should encourage innovation, help maintain our competitive edge, and stay mindful of potential risks,” According to a statement from Johnson’s office.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman calls for regulation before Congress

During his discussion with reporters, Altman said they expressed interest in “trying to balance this sort of tremendous upside and figure out how to mitigate the risk” of AI; he added that he was  “excited to see what the legislative process will do.”


OpenAI, backed by Microsoft, was initially established as an open-source nonprofit organization but later transitioned to a capped-profit organization in 2019. In November 2023, Altman mentioned that Microsoft would assume a non-voting observer role on the company’s board.

OpenAI removed Altman from his position on Nov. 17, causing concern among investors and employees due to the lack of specific reasons provided. Shortly after, he was allowed to join a fresh board.

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In October, Biden signed an executive order mandating that developers of AI systems with potential risks to US national security, economy, and public safety must share safety test results with the federal government.

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