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China Approves 40+ AI Models for Public Use in 6 Months

China’s decisive move to approve more than 40 AI models for public use within the first half-year of the approval process showcases the nation’s determined push to rival the U.S. in AI development, as reported by Chinese media. The recent approval of 14 large language models (LLM) marks the fourth batch, with prominent companies like Xiaomi Corp4Paradigm, and 01.AI receiving the regulatory nod.

This strategic initiative aligns with China‘s commitment to technological innovation and AI advancements. The nation’s proactive approach to greenlighting these models underscores its dedication to advancing AI development within its regulatory framework. As China continues to make significant strides in this arena, the implications for global AI dynamics and competition are bound to be substantial.

These developments highlight China’s proactive approach to fostering AI advancements and integrating them into diverse sectors. As the nation continues to make strides in AI, the implications for industries, innovation, and global competition are poised to be substantial.

Since August of last year, Beijing has mandated that tech companies secure regulatory approval to make their Large Language Models (LLMs) accessible to the public. It underscores China’s strategy of advancing AI technology while maintaining oversight and control.

China’s AI Models Approval: 

The initiation of the approval process saw Beijing support its inaugural batch of AI models, with industry giants such as BaiduAlibaba, and ByteDance among the first to receive regulatory approval. This proactive step reflects China’s commitment to managing the development and dissemination of AI technologies within its regulatory framework.

Following the initial batch of approvals in August, Chinese regulators proceeded to greenlight two additional batches in November and December, with another round receiving approval this month. While the government has not publicly disclosed the specific list of approved companies for transparency, Securities Times reported on Sunday that over 40 AI models have received regulatory clearance.

The surge in AI development by Chinese companies gained speed after the global success of OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT in 2022. The approval of these AI models reflects the industry’s willingness to contribute to the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, positioning China as a critical player in the ongoing technological advancements.

As of that period, China boasted 130 Large Language Models (LLMs), constituting 40% of the global total and closely following the United States, which held a 50% share, according to brokerage CLSA.

Highlighting China’s prowess in the chatbot landscape, Baidu’s Ernie Bot, akin to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, has successfully amassed over 100 million users, as the company’s Chief Technology Officer reported in December. It highlights China’s significant presence in developing and adopting advanced conversational AI technologies.


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