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Google Merges DeepMind and Research Teams in AI Drive

Google, owned by Alphabet, announced on Thursday that it will combine experts working on creating artificial intelligence models from its Research and DeepMind divisions to expand its range of artificial intelligence products.

 Google announced in a blog post that it will move its Responsible artificial intelligence teams, which concentrate on ethical AI development, from Research to DeepMind. This move will bring the members closer to where artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are developed and deployed.

The announcement coincides with rising demands for the regulation of artificial intelligence and growing concerns about the protection of the technology worldwide.

Raghu Potini on LinkedIn: #googledeepmind #aibreakthroughs #safety #responsibility

With the help of the DeepMind teamGoogle created Gemini, their most sophisticated artificial intelligence model to date. Launched late last year, Gemini can process text, audio, and video data.

Although the introduction of Gemini contributed to an increase in Alphabet’s stock price, the company faced criticism due to inaccurate historical picture generation portrayals. After that, Google stopped creating images.

A year ago, the search engine powerhouse combined its research divisions, Google Brain and DeepMind, to concentrate more effectively on AI development and outperform competitors like Microsoft, a partner of ChatGPT, and OpenAI, the manufacturer of Sora.

Google's DeepMind-Brain merger: tech giant regroups for AI battle

In a related move, Microsoft appointed Mustafa Suleyman, the founding partner of DeepMind, to lead its recently established consumer AI division last month.

Even as Google increases its investment in automation and artificial intelligence, it has recently reduced costs and laid off employees. This has resulted in the integration of the artificial intelligence team at Google.

The corporation intends to release several artificial intelligence models in 2024, according to last year’s statements given by the chief executive officer of Google, Sundar Pichai.



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