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Microsoft Unveils AI Tool: A Deepfake Nightmare Generator

Videos can be produced with VASA-1 using just one image. Remembering when AI could only produce graphics in response to language prompts needs to be updated. With the introduction of technologies like Sora, generative AI has grown significantly over the past few years, moving from still images to moving pictures. And recently, Microsoft released what may be the most amazing (and scary) tool we have all witnessed until now.

With just one picture and an address audio clip, the artificial intelligence image-to-video model VASA-1 can create videos. Videos have coordinated lip and face movements, a wide range of subtle facial expressions, and organic head movements that add to the impression of reality and genuineness.

Microsoft describes the technology’s operation on its research webpage. One of the main developments is a comprehensive model for generating head movements and visual dynamics that operates in an appearance latent space. Another is creating an expressive and clear face latent space through movies. We demonstrate through numerous trials, incorporating analysis on a collection of novel metrics, that our strategy performs much better than earlier approaches across various dimensions. In addition to providing genuine facial and skull dynamics and outstanding video quality, our technique can generate 512×512 videos instantly at up to 40 frames per second with little initial operation delay. It opens the door to real-time interactions with realistic avatars that mimic human speech patterns.

Microsoft's VASA-1: AI tool that can turn photos into realistic talking faces

Microsoft recently canceled VASA-1. With audio references, our AI can create expressive speech and singing from a single image. Compared to Alibaba’s EMO, there are ten awful instances, and one is Mona Lisa rapping the paparazzi.

Alternatively, it can produce deepfake films from just one image. Microsoft maintains that this instrument is a study demonstrator and that no release schedule for a product or API exists. The corporation is trying to reassure people that VASA-1 will not be available soon.

We’ve seen a wide range of excellent (but generally odd) artificial intelligence (AI) created video footage, like Sora AI to Will Smith feeding spaghetti, and it will only become more like reality. Consider how far generative AI has come in just a year.



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