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How to Use Leonardo AI to Generate Images and Artwork

Amidst the surge of interest in generative AI, various AI-powered image-creation tools have emerged this year. One standout among these is Leonardo, paying homage to the famed Italian artist. This platform offers an array of options for crafting the visuals you desire. Controlling image size, dimensions, style choices, and specific adjustments, Leonardo provides users with versatile tools to generate customized images.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to utilize Leonardo AI for image creation:

  1. Access Leonardo: Signing up for Leonardo is free, albeit with daily token limitations. Advanced features are available through paid plans starting at $10 per month.
  2. Navigate to Image Generation: Upon accessing Leonardo, navigate to the Image Generation feature, easily found in the interface.
  3. Start Creating: Type in your desired image description or style preferences. Click ‘Generate’ to initiate the image creation process. The free version will indicate the tokens used for each prompt.
  4. Explore Results: Leonardo produces four different image options in response to your prompts.
  5. Customize Model and Style: Experiment by selecting different models and styles offered within Leonardo, altering the image’s appearance.
  6. Add Elements: Incorporate elements like Coloring Book, Folk Art Illustration, or Toon & Anime, adjusting their weight in the image generation process.
  7. Implement Negative Prompts: Exclude specific elements from the image by setting up negative prompts, and refining your image preferences.
  8. Control Image Quantity and Realism: Specify the number of images and opt for photorealistic rendering, adjusting depth of field and enabling RAW mode for detailed images.
  9. Set Dimensions: Tailor image dimensions or aspect ratios to your liking, ensuring the generated images meet your requirements.
  10. Refine Your Image: Utilize various tools to fine-tune your selected image, removing backgrounds or enhancing resolution.
  11. Save or Share: Copy the image or download it to your device for further use or sharing.

Leonardo presents a user-friendly interface, allowing individuals to experiment with AI-generated images effortlessly. With its range of customization options, the platform serves as a playground for artistic creation and experimentation

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Editorial Staff
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