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Mobile World Congress 2024 Highlights

This week, we will bring you all the excitement from the Mobile World Congress 2024. As you know what to anticipate, kick back, unwind, and tune in this week, we bring you all the MWC news, announcements, and product information you need.

Thus far, several notable corporate announcements have been made: Google’s new Android features, Lenovo’s concept laptop, and Xiaomi’s robotic dog. Here’s how you can keep up with our team’s coverage of the MWC as it develops.

Doublepoint’s WowMouse gesture-touch update

Users of Android smartwatches can now download Doublepoint’s WowMouse gesture-touch controlling application to their own devices. Grab on tight!

Microsoft’s AI Access Principles

Today, Brad Smith, CEO and vice chairman of Microsoft, presented the “Artificial Intelligence Access Principles,” an 11-point framework. According to Smith, this will dictate how we run the infrastructure of our AI data centers and other significant AI assets globally. Despite the suggestion that Microsoft is willing to communicate and engage with stakeholders, it’s ironic that Smith broke the announcement in a keynote address that did not allow for more questions.

Microsoft's AI Access Principles: Our commitments to promote innovation and competition in the new AI economy - Microsoft On the Issues

The first electric vehicle from Xiaomi

The much-awaited Xiaomi SU7, the debut product from Xiaomi EV, has few specifications. Its specifications are as follows: it is a “full-size high-performance eco-technology sedan” scheduled to be delivered to China early in 2019. Xiaomi has created five essential EV technologies: E-Motor, CTB Incorporated Battery, Xiaomi Die Molding, Xiaomi Pilot Automated Driving, and Smart Cabin. These technologies are in addition to Xiaomi’s design. As previously mentioned, it will also run the “HyperOS” operating system.

Xiaomi to introduce its first electric car this year with 101kWh battery - ArenaEV

Samsung’s smart ring

While diamonds are undoubtedly a girl’s best friend, Samsung’s new Galaxy Ring might take the top spot if you’re a female who has trouble falling asleep. Among the functions are on-board sensors that track breathing, movement, and heart rate to generate a profile of the wearer’s health and sleeping habits. For the time being, questions about cost and battery life are unanswered.

OnePlus’s longer battery life

A staggering 100 hours “in full Smart Mode” are promised by OnePlus for its forthcoming Watch 2. The organization invested three years in developing its battery technology before making this assertion. The head of strategy for OnePlus Europe, Tuomas Lampén, discussed why the firm waited so long and how it managed to get a hundred hours of use out of its latest device with Brian Heater.

Since the battery life of OnePlus’s first-generation device was only roughly 25 hours, last week Brian stated that the company needs to focus more on batteries. And that too with the GPS deactivated.

Xiaomi’s CyberDog

Brian Heater ultimately got to see Xiaomi’s CyberDog up close at MWC, following years of news on the robotic dog. He noted that seeing the small dog perform a little dance and watching it perform the dressage shuffle made him think of a smaller version of the well-known robot from Boston Dynamics. Xiaomi has changed a few things about their dog since Brian’s narrative in 2021, such as replacing the prior flatter head with a more realistic one. CyberDog 2 is now available online for three thousand dollars on the internet, almost twice as much as its 1,600 dollars price tag.

Xiaomi unveils CyberDog: A personable quadruped robot

Lenovo’s laptop vision

Lenovo’s new translucent laptop will fulfil your dream of being able to see behind your workstation while working. It is going to be a real revolution if it gets to production. With a few exceptions, it resembles a typical laptop. The transparent window on the screen and the keyboard section gives us the impression of being in a virtual reality experience, where the graphics appear overlapping in the background. Lenovo likes to showcase its creative abilities for the time being.

Google’s unique AI features incorporation

Google began integrating AI into additional services today, such as a new suite of capabilities for wearables, automobiles, and phones. These include creating messages with Gemini, captions for photos created by AI, and text summarization for Android Auto using AI and Wear OS pass access. Furthermore, a function that allows you to access Gemini within the app will be added to Google Messages. Only English is supported now, and the feature is in beta. The industry leader in mobile is also introducing a few features that address accessibility. A Lookout application that assists individuals with visual impairments with items such as food packaging and paperwork. Using artificial intelligence, it can create descriptions for photographs that lack or contain incorrect alt text or captions.

Google Brings Gemini to Messages App in AI-Flavored Android Feature Drop

During MWC, Demis Hassabis, the founder of DeepMind, discussed Google’s capacity to “unpause” the ability of Gemini, its multimodal artificial intelligence tool, to describe individuals in a session with Steven Levy of Wired. According to him, the capacity to react to requests for human photos is expected to be restored within the next few weeks. According to Natasha Lomas, users identified that the tool was generating historically inappropriate images, such as portraying the U.S. founding generation as an array of individuals instead of only white men, and Google stopped the Gemini functionality last week.

Innovative Desktop Lamp

An exhibit by the Dutch company Seaborough included compact gadgets intended to replace huge light therapy lamps by simulating sunlight’s effects on brain serotonin production. One appears to be an external webcam and is positioned next to the PC, with the other clips visible above. For power, they are both inserted into the USB port. While the light is currently in the prototype stage, you’ll find yourself waiting a little while.

Infinix Plan for Smartphone Back into Workspace

The Infinix E-Color Shift enhances the e-ink screen technology developed by YotaPhone several years ago. According to Brian Heater, the section of your gadget that is almost usually hidden, either a protective covering, your hand, or another lying down on a table, has a new colour and an interesting aesthetic spare.


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