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Humane’s AI Pin will be available to Purchase in March 2024

There is now an estimated delivery date for the first orders of the AI-powered wearables. One of Humane‘s most eye-catching wearables, the AI Pin, will be available for purchase in March of 2024, the company revealed on Friday. In a post on X (previously Twitter), Humane states that it will dispatch purchases according to the date of purchase. Priority orders will receive their devices first.

While Humane did not specify a particular date for when purchases will begin delivering, the March timetable is more concrete than the November period.

Humane demonstrated last month how the device may select from many AI services to react to your requests — all without requiring you to glance at a screen. (However, one AI-powered response in the announcement video had a significant inaccuracy.) The company also exhibited its projection technology, which can display objects on your hand for you to engage with.

But all of this comes at a premium price; the AI Pin “starts at $699” and requires a $24 monthly subscription to establish a phone number and utilize cellular data. The $699 Humane AI Pin ditches a screen in favor of vocal prompts and “a projector that beams essential information” into the user’s palm. The creators highlight the device’s privacy focus, mixed with contextual intelligence, which promises that it “quickly understands what you need, connecting you to the right AI experience or service instantly.” Partnerships with OpenAI, Microsoft, and Tidal provide the company “access to some of the world’s most powerful AI models and platforms.”

Humane's $700 Ai Pin lets you control music using hand gestures

The pin is powered by “a quad-core Snapdragon processor” and a specialized Qualcomm AI Engine, which powers its Cosmos OS software. It comes in three color variations, two of which cost an extra $100. If you are interested in the purchase, here’s a link for you.


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